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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Desa Fishing Sport @ Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur

Location : Desa Fishing Sport @ Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates : N3 05.827 E101 41.416

This fishing location not too hard to find, just search for the famous landmark Desa Water Park.

The fishing pond just located below the high tension wayer. 

The vegatable farm just located beside the fish pond.

The sky so blue that day.


Fishing rod for the catch.

Many birds preying for small fishes along the pond.

This guy got a big catch.

Got 1.

This fish fighting for its life.

End for the fish.

Gardenia bread use for the bait.

The bait for the fish.

Strawberry flavour colouring to attract the fish.


  1. nice pictures you have there? do you need to bring your own rods, baits to fish there? how much do they charge?

  2. normally u bring yr own rod. the charges by hour and by number of rods. If not mistaken the charges below Rm10 per hour.


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